Together with our Metaphysics Provider(s) in South East Asia, we are able to offer Modern Metaphysics Consultation to our clients here in Australia and this includes Bazi, Feng Shui & Effective Qimen DunJia Advisory.

Bazi concerns the hour, day and year you are born and consists of the analysis of these elements, a metaphysics “science” handed down from centuries of the study of the constellations and how this affects your personal attributes and how you can maximize on these as you take on the challenges before you.

Feng Shui concerns the external elements of your surrounds, the internal design and layout of your home, the effects of the constellations and the ever constant changes, and how they interact with you and the other inhabitants of your home or office.

Qimen DunJia is a predictive “art of warcraft” used by Chinese practitioners of Chinese Metaphysics that can be used to gain some advantage(s) as we constantly compete in our business world and environment.

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